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Property Management

Collection & Enforcement

As property managers, our obligations and responsibilities to ownership includes understanding the nuances contained within each executed lease and enforcing the obligations of tenants and subtenants accordingly. We’ve learned over the years that greater tenant satisfaction has a direct correlation to more timely collection of lease payments.

Maintenance & Repair Of Property

Our team of engineers within the property management division spend as much time in our buildings as they do in their own homes, and they treat these buildings as such. Regular maintenance and repairs contribute to more satisfied tenants while also presenting a more favorable environment for prospective tenants should space become available. Keeping up with routine maintenance on machinery extends life to the equipment while lessening the risk of a major interruption to building systems. As part of our reporting procedure, property management will document equipment and building systems in need of preventive maintenance, major repair or replacement for internal budgeting purposes.

Employment Of Personnel

We are highly selective with our hiring decisions as it applies to both employees and subcontractors necessary for the operation and maintenance of our properties. Our employees become extended family members and we have learned the value of carefully screening both employees and contractors performing work at our properties. Our property management team systematically meet in advance with contractors and subcontractors for a full review of scheduled work to avoid unnecessary disturbance to our tenants while focusing on the preservation of our assets.

Service Contracts – Life Safety Test / Recording

Our Property Management team will negotiate and enter into contracts for services and labor which management deems necessary or advisable in the ordinary course of operating the assets. Service contracts include, without limitation, contracts for water, sewer, electricity, gas, fuel, maintenance, telecommunications, cleaning, trash removal, vermin control, IT support, security, landscaping, construction, engineering, architectural, accounting and legal services. Protocol includes verification that all contractors performing services at the Property possess all required licenses to perform such services. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to negotiate a fair market rate for all service contracts. All building Life Safety systems from building alarms, sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers will be properly monitored, tagged and certified per tenant requirements and state standards.


Property management will be responsible and accountable for paying all costs, charges and expenses for the operation and management of the property when due and payable. Ownership has the right at all times, upon reasonable notice during normal business hours, to examine and review all books and records pertaining to management and operation of the Property.

General Recordkeeping

Our Property Management office will maintain accurate, complete and current records of all receipts and expenditures from the operation and management of the Property and will render to ownership reports pertaining to the business and operations of each asset and as required by ownership.